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Getting Over a Break-up! = Living well with Pain

It’s funny how the act of helping someone “get over a Break-up” is very similar to helping people live well with Chronic pain.

Here is **How to live well with Chronic Pain: 3 Key Steps**

1. Mind Control 🧠 For people experiencing pain, especially when it persists for longer than expected, they may allow it to encapsulate their life. Coping with their pain can require much of their time and energy, for some, living in a state of fear, anxiety and confusion for the future. From the standpoint of the practitioner/clinician, it is important we listen and encourage our patients to gain meaning behind their pain, their beliefs and their outward behaviours.❗️IMPORTANT❗️Health practitioners should avoid continuously asking their patient about their pain! They won’t ever get over it or accept their pain if health providers keep forcing the patient to place too much attention to it.

2. Self-Love 😊 💕 People need to allow themselves “To Love, and Be Loved”. It’s very easy for someone experiencing chronic pain to zoom in too close and lose sight of their core values and the person they once were. It’s important for Health practitioners to facilitate and promote our clients/patients to view themselves in a postive light, towards a depiction of themselves as resilient and adaptable human beings worthy of connection and love.

3. Life-Purpose 💪🏼 Guiding our clients/patients towards gradually reintroducing meaningful activities back to their life despite living with pain will help them regain a sense of significance, purpose and capacity to contribute to society. Whilst communicating that flare-ups and setbacks can be expected, continuing to take responsibility of their own self-management through positive coping strategies will be key to helping them to maintain doing the things that they love most! #ExplainPain #ReframePain #Communication #Biopsychosocial #ExercisePhysiology #Exercise #Physiotherapy #PhysicalTherapy #BreakUp #ChronicPain #PersistentPain #PersistingPain #ChronicPain #LowBackPain #BackPain #Pain #PainManagement #PainRevolution #Analogy #canva #TheRunningEP

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