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Acceptance & Commitment Therapy: Our Thoughts

We can’t wrestle, avoid or substitute our thoughts. They are, what they are and any attempt to do so will likely end in a losing battle for you. Why? Because as they will always be there! (unless you’re dead!) Maybe, step back and see our thoughts and cognitions for what they really are... harmless. They are just words and stories that we play in our head. It’s okay to have negative thoughts or replay stories/experiences of our past that we don’t particularly like. The issue is that if we reside or place our attention on it for too long, draining our time and energy from doing the things we love! Whether or not our thoughts are true/untrue, positive or negative, the main course of action is that we follow up with EFFECTIVE & PURPOSEFUL action that serves us and our values. We move ourselves FORWARD. Once we’ve a) defused the situation (our thoughts, cognitions, stories), b) allowed ourselves to expand & provide the space to experience these thoughts, and c) We are self-aware of our core values and recognize the action(s) that serve us... WE can get back to LIVING!

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