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Make Communication Your Superpower!

Motivational Interviewing  - Navigating Tender Conversations - Active Listening - Practicing Empathy

MI Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Who can apply?​​

Healthcare Providers and Students including (but not limited to):

- Exercise Physiology

- Physiotherapy

- Osteopathy

- Chiropractic

The Communication Course includes:

  • Initial 30min Intro Session

  • 5x Weekly 60-75min 1:1 sessions (Online)

  • "Communication" Learning Module

  • Valuable resources and tools to support learning

  • Video recordings of mentoring sessions.

  • All resources and learning modules are fully accessible via Dropbox or Google Drive

       Cost: AU $549     ($100 OFF for University Students)

2-ON-1 mentoring is available for enquiries! *




"I'm looking after a lot of young health professionals and all humans have ambivalence with behaviour change so Jeff's course really arms you with the right strategies and the right questions to explore that.  It's not just motivational interviewing which we hear about it, we're reading a lot about on socials, it's about exploring behaviour change and having better conversation.  I love what Jeff says, exploring and leaning into ambivalence because we've all faced that as health professionals.  There's a behaviour we want to improve and we need to lean in and understand the ambivalence."

Michael Rizk

- Physiotherapist, Business Owner & Mentor


“During my studies at Uni, I always felt like I was missing something, that there was more than meets the eye when it comes to the communication we have with patients. That’s when I came across Jeffrey’s Communication Course! I went into the course thinking that it would challenge and educate me on how to communicate pain, but I ended up with so much more than that. I learnt a myriad of strategies to communicate pain, provide reflections, and how to address uncertainty both in clients and myself. Jeffrey’s style of teaching helps evoke an understanding of pain and communication concepts from yourself through curiosity and in depth analysis of our thought processes, with no right or wrong answers. It has not only made me a better communicator, but a more open-minded and educated practitioner. I highly recommended this course if you would like to know how to refine your communication skills for ‘real-world’ application ”

Lucija Peric

- Accredited Exercise Physiologist, 1st Year


Communication is one of our greatest tools to help our patients in the treatment room and unfortunately, so little is taught in university. Jeffrey’s course opened my mind to a new horizon; It is well-designed and his step-by-step process is easy to learn. The videos, the reading articles, the one-on-one sessions and the homework are made in a way that it gives you clarity with various situations, supports you to open yourself to new perspectives about a problem and expand your clinical reasoning beyond what you can expect. 
It takes practice but you can apply everything the very next day.
Highly recommend the course!

Teano Nguyen-Verdenet

- Osteopath & Clinic Owner


What everyone needs to understand is that their ability to communicate and meet the client where they are is THE key to building rapport, and creating long-lasting behaviour change. I knew my skills were not where they needed to be and after watching Jeff through Instagram he was the first and best choice to help upskill myself and my team. I can say that Jeff has genuinely improved my communication, knowledge, and empathy to a whole new level through his 5-week communication course. He creates a fun, challenging and supportive environment and provides real-life practical skills that we have put in place already. 


If you need an EP who is insanely knowledgeable in communication then hit up my boy, Jeff!

Andrew Moloney

- Director & Senior Exercise Physiologist

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