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A Lesson I'll Never Forget...

One of the greatest lessons that I’ve learnt so far that’s positively impacted my practice as an Exercise Physiologist is this… .

💥"People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care"💥

To me this highlighted 3 things –

1️⃣ How important effective communication is as a means to connect with the person seeking your care. Now matter how smart you are or how amazing your technical skills may be, if you can’t communicate confidently and talk in the unique language of your patient/client.. you will lose them every single time.

2️⃣ Meeting the person where they are with an intention to understand and empathize. People have the potential for so much greatness… they might not believe it yet. By respecting the person, make them feel accepted for who they are and with guidance and a little perspective then… one can realize that they are capable of making powerful life decisions own their own.

3️⃣ Show how much you care by listening first, talk later. The client/patient looks for reassurance, validation of their experience, just wants to be heard and given HOPE. Create the platform for them to speak, be understood and to understand. This can be the most powerful form of medicine a person can ask for!

And I’m still learning ...

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