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Physical Therapist



Who can apply?​​

MSK Practitioners and Students including (but not limited to):

- Exercise Physiology

- Physiotherapy

- Physical Therapy

The Mentorship includes:

  • 8x Weekly 60-75min 1:1 Mentoring (Online) + Final 1:1 Reflection Session (Online)

  • Learning Modules on Critical Thinking, Communication, Psychologically-Informed Practice & Chronic pain

  • Valuable scientific literature to support learning


    Video recordings of mentoring sessions.

  • All mentee resources and learning modules are fully accessible via Dropbox and/or Google Drive


  • AU $999    (The Practitioner Mentorship) - Practicing Health Professionals

  • AU $749    (The Student Mentorship) - University Students





Jeff has done an incredible job cultivating this program with the latest research to offer up the tools and resources to develop my approach to healthcare and communicate with my clients effectively. I was able to identify some poor habits of mine such as the ‘righting reflex’ and an overeager ‘fix-it mentality’ that I used to believe were beneficial in my practice but in fact retracted from the clients experience and limited their point of view from the discussion. I now orientate my initial consults and sales conversations in a way that is truly client-centered allowing them to feel listened to, supported and confident that we are both working towards THEIR idea of progress and success!

Brandon Downie

- Accredited Exercise Physiologist, 2nd Year


“Jeff’s mentorship has helped me to grow a deeper appreciation and love for how wonderful and complex humans can be! Through unpacking topics such as chronic pain, communication and critical thinking and linking this to how I currently practice, I slowly found myself becoming a more empathic and compassionate individual.

I always like to ask myself if what I’m currently doing is helping me move in the direction of becoming the clinician that I want to be. Now, having undertaken and completed Jeff’s mentorship, I can confidently and proudly say that I am moving in the direction of becoming the clinician that I want to be.”

Jenny Tran

- University Student, ExPhys, 4th Year


"I went into the mentorship looking for a thought provoking and positively challenging learning experience that will actually help me improve my practice as an AEP. Not only throughout the 8-weeks have I seen an improvement in my communication skills and ability to help support clients to identify their values and what is of meaning to them, I also have been able to further develop my critical thinking skills to help understand why I know, what I know.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience especially as Jeff doesn't focus on good/bad or right/wrong but uses his questions curiously to facilitate a learning environment that supports autonomy and self-learning. I highly value the learnings that I have been able to take away as it helped me reignite my curiosity and really reflect on my practice so that I can provide a higher quality and client-centered service."

Matthew Wall

- Accredited Exercise Physiologist, 2nd Year


"Before signing up to the mentorship with Jeff, I was interested in furthering my understanding of chronic pain and how to perform motivational interviewing. Throughout the mentorship, Jeff was able to provide real life examples and provide me with opportunities to practice skills that I can apply to my own practice. Jeff has a wealth of knowledge and information that will help develop not only the above, but also critical thinking skills and how to actually apply a biopsychosocial approach. I highly recommend this mentorship for anybody in the health field working with people."

Patrick Avice

- University Student, ExPhys, 2nd Year


"For those students or allied health professionals in their first few years that are looking to learn a little bit more from the more experienced Exercise Physiologists then definitely check Jeff out on the Running EP Mentorship!"

Jeremy Pucheta

- Accredited Exercise Physiologist, 2nd Year


"Jeff’s mentorship has been immensely helpful for my own clinical practice. Jeff has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from, plus he is easy to get on with, which made the sessions a lot more enjoyable! I cannot put into words how helpful Jeff was, each session was well-structured and were flexible enough to cover the many different aspects of clinical practice. Jeff helped reinforce the importance of communication and critical thinking and helped set the framework for continued improvement in these areas. Also, Jeff’s knowledge of and passion for helping those with chronic pain is second-to-none, and his mentorship has added to my own toolbox and increased my own confidence to work with complex clients.

During my first few months as a practicing exercise physiologist, I realised there was a lot more uncertainty in clinical practice than I had experienced through university placement. Jeff helped bridge the gap between university placement and practicing in the “real world”, drawing on his own experience and meeting me where I was at to delve into uncertainty in clinical practice. We explored the complexity of the clients we can work with and discussed strategies for managing the many factors that influence a client’s condition or experience. I was assured that it’s okay to not have all the answers and that we can be guided by the client’s goals, concerns and curiosity, which takes the pressure off us as clinicians."

Trevor Hooper

- Accredited Exercise Physiologist, 2nd Year


"I particularly enjoyed being able to apply the theory we discussed into a practical part of the mentorship. This allowed me to practice the techniques I learned in a non-judgemental context - without the fear of trying it for the first time in a real life situation. The feedback following the practical part of the mentorship was highly specific to me and benefited my communication with clients greatly.

Overall, Jeff is a caring mentor who guided me through areas that I was having difficulties with. The program has significantly improved my practice and this has resulted in better interactions across the board with my clients."

Joshua Taylor

- Accredited Exercise Physiologist, 1st Year