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A Practical dive into Motivational Interviewing (teams)

MI Level: Beginner

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Session 1:
Getting to Why before How

  • Resisting the "Righting Reflex"

  • The Collaborative Approach (Spirit)

  • Diving into Ambivalence - Asking Open Ended Questions

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Session 2:
Communicating with Direction & Purpose

  • Understanding the "meaning" of words

  • Demonstrating Accurate Empathy (Spirit)

  • Going "below the surface" - Reflective Listening

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Session 3:
Confidence & The Power of Affirmation

  • Importance vs. Confidence

  • Seeing Absolute Worth (Spirit)

  • The art of offering Affirmations


  • Video Recordings of each session

  • Post-Session Worksheets

       Cost: AU $499


Testimonials from the Workshop...
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"I highly recommend Jeff for anyone looking to upskill their working knowledge in communication and motivational interviewing. Our team of Exercise Physiologists found his sessions engaging, practical and applicable to everyday scenarios in the clinic.

I personally found Jeff helped me reflect on my own practice and has motivated me to explore more into the lost art of communication. Thank you Jeff for your service to our team and for bringing your smile to every session. Cheers mate!”

— Jack Menzies

(Director of Effect Exercise Physiology)

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